Take A Sip of Happy

How can I get happy?

Welcome to Take A Sip. The Tuesday + Thursday newsletter that provides you with wisdom & advice meant to make your mind happier. Some days we will take a sip of confidence, others a sip of style, and others yet a sip of empathy. No matter the topic, we’ll always be taking a sip together.

Now, for today’s post…

When asking yourself, “How can I get happy?” what you should REALLY be asking is, “How do I create impact?”

This question leads to our life purpose. Essentially, the “What can I do to be happy?” dilemma turns into “Who can I help?” And when you get that answer (which probably won’t come today, sorry), THAT leads to a life worth living. And a life worth living makes you happy.

But not just any kind of happy — the happy that feels effortless, freeing and deserving. Not like the feeling you get when the dress you’ve been dying to buy goes on clearance, but more like the feeling you get after making someone cry tears of joy.

Figure Out Who You Can Help

Helping someone solve a problem or inspiring someone to live brighter is the best feeling, for you and for the other person. Do you see how that works? Everyone wins. The challenge is finding the people, then following the feeling.

We have to remember that we are all connected in pursuit of this, and really everything. We go through the same career woes, relationship issues, family dramas, and getting older identity crises just like the next person.

Why put on a front that we (a) have it all together (b) don’t want help or (c) all of the above? Why not go through these things together? I promise it makes a world of difference being supported and supporting others, as opposed to going at it alone.

So, until you find your life purpose, here is what you can do in the meantime to get yourself the happiness you deserve:

Find things that make you happy, and repeat them daily.


  • Listening to good music

  • Eating good food

  • Surrounding yourself with good people — VERY important one, guys.

  • Having good conversation

  • Getting good workouts in

  • Reading good news

  • Smelling good candles

  • Listening to good podcasts

  • Producing good work

Concluding Tip From Elle Woods

“Working out gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”

Also! This article showcases 20 ways to be happier today. It’s gold. Check it out on your lunch break.

Happy Tuesday. May you find the Aha! moment you’ve been waiting for in the realm of your life’s purpose.

PS. Don’t forget about your self-mantras. And definitely don’t forget to Own Your You-ness.


Be you.