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What is Take A Sip?

Welcome to Take A Sip by me, Ashley Alt, the Feel Good Expert.

I started this newsletter when I realized my story resonated with so many other women. After having my son, my self-worth was shot to hell. It wasn’t until I started prioritizing myself — aka my appearance, hobbies, & career — that I felt like me again. And none of that was possible without getting my mind right first.

Which is how this newsletter came about! I share my best Get Your Mind Right Tips with you so you can conquer your day mindset ready.

Each week, I give you right now tips on how to improve your mindset health.

Because let’s face it. As women, we need an escape. We need vacations. We need our girlfriends. We need fancy brunches. We need silk robes. We need laughter. We need each other.

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The Editor of Sip Sip is

Me, Ashley — a writer and fashion designer who finds reprieve in working out (where my Soul Cycle addicts at?), happiness in the company of hilarious people, and comfort in a really great kimono.

After zigzagging from fashion to writing a few hundred times, I realized my motivation for anything lies in the excitement of making women feel less alone in whatever life trudgery they’re wading through — which is why my days are dedicated to this newsletter and my clothing brand, VALT.

I also hold various advice columns in magazines where I talk about what & who makes us happy, and why. Other things I’ve written can be found here.

I’m currently based in Connecticut. Love the proximity to NYC, hate the bugs.

Thank you for being here! We are in life together. Give the gift of supporting women’s mindset health by subscribing below, and sharing it with a friend.

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Ashley Alt

Writer specializing in women's mindset health. I believe champagne lunches are the answer to most of life's problems. Email me about collabs, advice, or just to say *hey*