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Here, we will discuss the joys and pitfalls of life-as-a-mother — including career, wellness, mindset, self-improvement and fashion — and how those areas affect our mental health. We share tangible ways to sustain a positive mindset so we can live life as meaningfully and carefree as can be.

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Meet The Editor

Ashley Alt is a writer and fashion designer who finds reprieve in working out (where my Soul Cycle addicts at?), happiness in the company of hilarious people, and comfort in an oversize silk robe, ice cold champagne in hand.

After re-realizing the power that getting dressed held post-babies (and taking care of myself and my needs in general), I launched a clothing label reflective of a woman at peak confidence. VALT is an extension of this newsletter.

I am also the editor of luxury magazine Ridgefield Lifestyle, editor of Columbus Weddings magazine, and hold various advice columns in lifestyle publications. My work has been featured in Forbes, Well + Good, POPSUGAR, and many more.

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Writer specializing in women's mindset health. I believe champagne lunches are the answer to most of life's problems. Email me about collabs, advice, or just to say *hey* @ashley.lauren.alt@gmail.com