What is Take A Sip?

Welcome to Take A Sip. A weekly newsletter providing you with advice and life lessons meant to make your mind happier + stronger.

What we read matters. Just like what we wear, what we eat, and what we do for fun matters. This newsletter is committed to feeding your mind right, while providing expert think pieces & entertaining guest interviews on Mental Health + Motherhood + Fashion + Identity.

These newsletters are meant to be read in the mornings, while you’re enjoying your coffee and mentally preparing for the day. The feel-good advice is meant to carry you from your morning coffee until your evening wine.

So, Take A Sip.

What is The Goal of Take A Sip?

To inspire, inform, and provide value (via quick, expert reads!) to modern women seeking a more meaningful life in the areas of confidence + wellness + happiness.

Who is Take A Sip For?

  • Women who like quick reads on mindset health

  • Women who want to belong to a likeminded feel-good community that gets it

  • Moms who want to feel like people, not just moms

What People Are Saying About Take A Sip

“I need it like I need my coffee. My day just isn’t right without it!” -Brenna

“The best thing modern moms can do for their mind.” -Kelly

“The daily read I look forward to as soon as my alarm goes off.” -Victoria

“An honest and endearing read getting to the bottom of mental health issues.” - Kimberly

“A must read for women looking to lead a more exciting life.” -Jennifer

Why Subscribe?

If 3 minutes is all you have to invest in your mindset health each day, let it be through this newsletter.

For free, subscribers will receive Tuesday newsletters on bettering your mindset health.

For $5 per month, subscribers will receive…

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  • Belonging to a community of fun, modern women who get it.

All for the price of an oat milk latte.

Who is Behind Take A Sip?

Me, Ashley Alt. I am a 31-year-old woman who finds reprieve in writing, happiness in the company of hilarious people, and comfort in a really great kimono.

After zigzagging from fashion to writing a few hundred times, I’ve decided that I want (and need) both — which is why my days are dedicated to this newsletter and the future launch of my clothing brand, VALT.

Carrie Bradshaw may be my muse, but these things just come naturally to me.

I have an Ask Ashley column in INK Publications, the ultimate guide to finer living in Connecticut, where I talk about what & who makes us happy, and why. Other things I’ve written can be found here & here.

I’m based in Connecticut. I have an inquisitive 4-year-old son, Cy, and a really tall husband, Jake. Love the proximity to NYC, hate the bugs.

In conclusion, I believe there is very little that good girlfriends + good conversation can’t fix — which is what I want this newsletter to ultimately become — a community of women that celebrates each other’s ups, and supports one another during the downs. All in style.

And eventually, a percentage of subscriber proceeds will go toward social good organizations.

Thank you for being here! We are in life together. Give the gift of supporting mindset health by subscribing below.

Need to contact me?

Email me ashley.lauren.alt@gmail.com.

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