We’re in the business of keeping motherhood stylish. And intend to do so from now until the end of time.

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Mindset. Motherhood. Fashion. That is what we cover.

Welcome to Take A Sip by me, Ashley Alt, writer and stylist extraordinaire determined to make a living having fun whilst showing you the ropes of dressing well and living well along the way.

Take A Sip is the newsletter that gets you. She is your weekly reminder to take care of your most precious asset — your mental health — via Get Your Mind Right right tips, style advice, and more. We believe a fabulous wardrobe leads to a fabulous life, and know that mindset is everything when it comes to, well, anything.

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The Editor of Sip Sip is…

Me, Ashley — a writer and fashion designer who finds reprieve in working out (where my Soul Cycle addicts at?), happiness in the company of hilarious people, and comfort in an oversize silk robe, ice cold champagne in hand.

After zigzagging from fashion to writing a few hundred times, I realized my talents lie in the excitement of making women feel less alone in whatever life trudgery they’re wading through — which is why my days are dedicated to this newsletter and my clothing brand, VALT.

I am also the editor of luxury magazine Ridgefield Lifestyle, and hold various advice columns in publications where I talk about what & who makes us happy, and why. Other things I’ve written can be found here.

I’m currently based in Connecticut. Love the proximity to NYC, hate the bugs.

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Email me ashleyalt@substack.com.

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Ashley Alt

Writer specializing in women's mindset health. I believe champagne lunches are the answer to most of life's problems. Email me about collabs, advice, or just to say *hey* @ashley.lauren.alt@gmail.com