How To Start Getting Dressed Again

Good outfit + Good mood = Killer confidence

Ask any personal stylist the number one reason why clients come to them and they will all tell you the same thing — they’re feeling down about some aspect of their lives, and it’s destroying their self-esteem.

That self-esteem issue presents itself in many different ways that go far beyond not liking your outfit. It can be based on anything from anxiety about job performance, insecurity in your marriage and jealousy over your “hot” friend, to frustration over your weight gain, anger with your appearance, etc.

Whether your self-doubt stems from getting fired, becoming a mom, moving to a different city, or simply feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of life, our confidence gets rocked during life changes — and it’s both normal and inevitable. The question is, how do we continuously build a confidence habit up strong enough to withhold the uncertainties of life?

It’s a heavy ask, but one thing I am DAMN certain of is that your appearance — whether you want to admit it or not — dictates your mood, your behavior, and your outlook on life.

And while I am no psychologist, I have instincts others don’t when it comes to keeping your mental health spirits up. Coming from someone who has witnessed, firsthand, the confidence-destroying consequences that come with not getting dressed, I’m here to tell you it matters.

All of that to say…

In the wake of getting back to the real world, we have to learn how to get dressed again. Weet!

While fashion’s comeback in a post-covid world is exhilarating for some, it’s daunting for others. And I get it. Getting dressed can be overwhelming. Unless you’re in the fashion industry or are immersed in everyday style another way, choosing your outfit can be oddly confusing.

To help guide you in the style inspo department, I am giving you some resources that never let me down in the wake of that dreadful feeling of, “I have nothing to wear.”

5 Fashion Resources To Turn To in Times of Getting Dressed Crises

  • WhoWhatWear — the ultimate style resource for what’s trending in the moment, yes, but I love this site mostly for the insider tips from editors and others who have been in the fashion game for decades.

  • Style Success Podcast by personal stylist Mallory Sills — Mallory gives you practical, useful getting dressed tips in a way that is relatable and easy to follow along.

  • Revolve page o’ jumpsuits because jumpsuits, aka one-and-done dressing, are the easiest way to get back into a routine style groove. Jumpsuits will be at the core of my future clothing brand, VALT.

  • Tali Kogan, a personal stylist who has so much fun, bravery, and do-not-give-a-fucks about what she wears and how she presents herself to the world, it is impossible not to love her.

  • Zara webpage — while I am no longer supportive of fast fashion giants like Zara, their digital style team is extremely on point with cool and interesting ways to style your outfits via shoes, hats, unpredictable shirt/pant combos, etc.

If you don’t feel good about your clothes, chances are you don’t feel good about yourself.

Wrapping this up, here. If you’re not dressing in a way that’s reflective of who you are — aka what makes you awesome & what makes you feel good about your body — you’re not living up to your fabulousness potential. And that is a damn shame.

Pro tip: For the sake of your mental health, get dressed today and every day. And please know that “getting dressed” can mean leggings + a cool t-shirt + a baseball cap + pair of stylish sneakers. No one is expecting you to put on your old bridesmaids dress to go to the post office.

Remember to: Take inspiration from the resources above when you’re feeling ew about your closet. And if you’re really feeling lost, book an appointment with a local boutique and have the owner dress you (it’s fun). Or seek professional guidance from a stylist. They are more affordable than you think.

KEEP IN MIND! Not knowing what to wear for your body type and lifestyle is no different than not knowing how to do a new workout. Or not understanding which foods you should be avoiding if you’re having gut issues.

The mind + body + style experience is connected, guys. Use style to your advantage in life. Dressing up is an incredible, highly effective way of keeping your mood and confidence up. Don’t forget it.


Dress your body right to dress your mind right. It works. (And a little lipstick never hurts, either).

Thank you for reading :) Stay in touch with me! I love hearing your thoughts on these issues, and how I can make this newsletter better for you. We are in life together.

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Be you.

Xo, Ash