You Belong Somewhere You Feel Free

No matter where that is, or who it's with. You deserve to feel free.

Mantra Wellness Magazine, if you aren’t familiar, provides a fresh, modern approach to wellness, talking mostly on the importance of mental health, positive self-talk, and the like.

Positing themselves as a self-acceptance revolution, the editors of the mag bring unconventional topics to light, like how emotions can make us sick, and the importance and power of committing.

In a world where we’re told to tell everyone “no” out of being spread too thin, it’s important to remember that not being accountable for anything also serves its own special consequences of feeling unfulfilled and purposeless.

Just like everything else in life, balance is key.

One of the quotes from their July/August issue is:

“You belong somewhere you feel free.”

And it got me thinking…

Do I feel free in my life right now? The answer is yes, but that feeling of freedom is wavering, just like any other feeling.

We’ve all felt strapped in our lives — strapped financially, restricted by societal confines of molds we should and shouldn’t fit into, suffocated by toxic bosses or workplaces, trapped in bad relationships we didn’t know how to escape, and trapped in our own self-limiting mindsets.

So my question for you is:

Do you feel free in your life right now?

If you do, write down all of the reasons why so you have something to pull from when you don’t feel free.

If you don’t feel free, write down all of the reasons why not — so when you start to feel better (more independent, more like yourself, more like you have control over your life), you can remember how you got to a place you don’t like being in.

4 Reminders to Start Your Week Right

I realize it’s Tuesday, so the week has already started. But Mondays can be a drag, so consider this your boost to continue grooving into your week smoothly.

Brought to you from the gals of We Are Feel Good Club, two wives from the UK on a mission to make you feel good. Their feed brings quick hit mental health tips in a genuine (not pushy) way.

Here’s what they had to say yesterday:

  1. If you never make a start, you'‘ll never get to be where you want to be.

  2. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

  3. The only thing stopping you from being where you want to be is you.

  4. Believe in yourself — Ask the question — Make a start.

Thank you for reading! May your Tuesday be filled with the energy and courage you need to keep focus on what’s important to you. Own your independence. Own your you-ness.

Be you.