You Are Your Own Feel Good Expert

Damn it feels good to be authentic.

Welcome to December. This month we will be exploring the interconnectedness of Mental Health & Money.

Here’s a head scratcher for you:

Self-improvement advice is subjective.

I’m talking all self-improvement advice — from your favorite nonfiction authors and business mentors to your best friend and myself. It’s there for reference, and serves as guidance when you’re having a down day.

In the spirit of being told what to do and how to do it, what to wear and how to wear it, and who to ask for help and what to say…I’ve been noticing that what works the best — for me — is simply trusting my instincts.

Listening to my mind and body — and then responding accordingly — is what I believe we should all be more in tune with when it comes to seeking advice on how to have more energy in the mornings or how to stay consistent in a creative pursuit.

Because while I adore the intriguing insights and unconventional ways of living that the Goop podcast guests are so candid on, only I know what makes me feel good in the realm of my mind, body, and soul. And only you know, too.

What does self-improvement have to do with money?

In my opinion, you can’t put a price on investing in yourself. That said, we can’t wear that excuse out the way we did when YOLO was a thing. Over-drafting on trendy brunches and staying out until 5 am when we have a business meeting the next day is no longer cute for us *mature* 30-somethings.

You buy what you value. And I value books. My favorite form of self-helpery is perusing a local book shop, picking out a new book or two, and spending my weekend mornings curled up reading them with a fancy cup of coffee.

When those books are read (usually within a week or 2), I need more books. So I go in between borrowing from the library and purchasing from book stores.

If your return on investment feels and is worth it, buy whatever form of self-helpery you want — whether it’s classes, books, personal trainers, or mindfulness apps — so long as you can afford it, obviously.

In addition to reading, I really find podcast interviews to be so helpful in making me feel free to be me. If you’re in need of some fresh peeps to listen to, here are my go-tos:

Important Note

Finding your self-improvement groove isn’t a fixed process. It’s like happiness. You don’t one day arrive at happiness, crack open a beer, and call it a day.

The one thing you MUST continue to do in order to make any progress though, is show up. That part, I have to argue, is fact.

Unconventional Feel Good Tips

  1. Trust your gut instead of a “credible source.”

  2. When you’re working out, listen to your body instead of your instructor.

  3. When you’re feeling hungry, EAT.

  4. When you’re feeling lonely, call someone. Not in an hour, not tomorrow, not next week. The second you feel that wave of sadness, call someone.

  5. When you feel like you need a break in the middle of the day, take it. Don’t “power through” it. Going against your instincts, even in small ways, always backfires.

Questions For You

  • What is your self-improvement groove? Have you found it yet?

  • What makes you feel alive, excited and fabulous?

  • WHO makes you feel alive, excited and fabulous?

  • How are you going to make this week creative, productive, and fun?

  • What are you most looking forward to this week?

  • What are you going to wear for your holiday parties?! (I really do want to know this, so will you please email me your ideas?!)

You are your own feel good expert!

Thank you for reading today. May your Tuesday be filled with good vibes, good peeps, and good snacks.


PS. On Sunday I talked about how Dance Therapy disrupts anxiety, how owning your style is the only way you win with your appearance, plus sound advice from a parent psychologist on positive parenting, and a classic way of looking at female friendship that we can rely on as we get older.

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Mantra This Week

I deserve the life that I want.

Be you.