Why Having Fun is Essential To Your Mental Health

Life is a playground, not a regimen.

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Today’s lesson: Life doesn’t have to be serious. So throw on your purple boa, blast Lady Gaga, and tap dance around the kitchen. Why? Why NOT?


I’d like to say this week’s newsletter is 3 days late due to the holiday, but really it’s because I haven’t had time nor the energy to write more than one sentence. Newborns are a real time suck, and coffee can only take you so far.

In the spirit of the new season (HIE FALL), I thought it would be good to remind us that life is *still* meant to be fun and carefree — amidst the getting back into routines, cooler weather, and passive aggressive motivational quotes from the in-your-face self-helpery gurus you have yet to unfollow.

A reminder that mental health work is never done — despite what the spammy e-courses are promising you.

This is how I see it: When we’re at happy hour with our girlfriends, we’re working on our mental health. When we’re laughing with our husbands/wives/sisters, our minds are being trained to crave fun and goofiness. When we’re winding down with a glass of wine and a good movie at the end of the day, we’re releasing serotonin in our brains, hence, working on our mental health.

You see? We’re “working” on our mental health without even realizing it. And work that doesn’t feel anything like work is my favorite. Just ask my dad.


I give you 4 things to do every day to remind yourself that life is meant to be F-U-N.


Eat off the good plates — Why are we waiting to use the good china?

Play with your kids without looking at your phone — If only for 10 minutes, do it.

Let the small things slide — Even your roommate’s (read: your partner’s) business dinner and parking receipts spewed all over the counter.

Freak out less — I’m really working on this. Or as my son tells me, “Mom you say you aren’t going to freak out but you keep doing it!”


Be conscious of the little things that make you feel good every day — Your mocha latte. Your kid laughing. A good hair day. A pair of leggings that makes your butt look great.

It’s the small, everyday habits that lead to good health, good money, and good mems.

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Xo, Ash