Why Does Getting Dressed Matter?

How to feel pulled together whilst working from home

This is Jen Gotch — my new and forever obsession, and inspiration for writing this piece.

In short, getting dressed matters because doing so makes you feel better. Taking it a step further, getting dressed makes you feel important — like you have a purpose in life.

Even if your only purpose today is showing your child how to trace the letter “U,” I guarantee you teach him/her with more enthusiasm, and a more you can do it! attitude while wearing a pair of jeans and oversized sweater instead of baggy sweatpants and your partner’s college t-shirt.

Being stuck at home has got me rethinking my loungewear — or lack thereof. We’ve been living in pajamas for well over two weeks now, and I am officially sick of it.

So, today I put on makeup for a Zoom call and felt infinitely better. I also put on my go-to pair of publicly acceptable leggings in place of my at-home leggings, and again, felt infinitely better.

In the wake of this quarantine era, I give you some excellent loungewear looks for some WFH fuel + $50 and under WFH basics + a standout brand I just discovered the other day that I am capital O obsessed with.

This brand, Ban.do, has inspired me to create my own clothing line. Anyone know a good artist/designer? For years, I thought I wanted to have my own boutique, and then I thought I only wanted to be a writer, but now I realize I can do and be both. And now — especially now — I want to create something meaningful and fun that I wholeheartedly resonate with.

I’m confident Jen Gotch (founder of Ban.do) is my exact spirit animal. A writer who founded an amazing clothing brand who is also a huge mental health advocate? If she can do all of that — and do it with purpose — so can I.

If you feel like you’re alone (with your thoughts, with what you want to do in your life, in a relationship), I’m telling you there are herds of women who feel exactly the way you do. You just have to find them.

Unrelated note, just for kicks

A few of my son’s stuffed animals have the coronavirus. Joey, Cy’s beloved monkey he got from the Columbus Zoo, has it “really bad.” To protect himself from contracting COVID-19, Cy walks around the house with his swimming goggles on. 4-year-olds. Gotta love em.

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Cheers to going after what you want in life, and doing it in style.