Why Chrissy Teigen is The Perfect Role Model For Modern Moms

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One of the highlights of being a Stay-At-Home Mom is watching The Today Show in your pajamas until 11 am. While the next 6 or so hours can be painfully slow and brutal to get through, I can always count on the mornings to make me feel like a well-informed citizen instead of a breastfeeding machine.

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The other week, Chrissy Teigen sat down with Hoda and Jenna to talk about her public apology on cyberbullying (on multiple accounts), but she ended up opening up about her struggles with drinking and depression — and it was incredibly refreshing.

Revealing she was 100 days sober, the conversation of her new cookbook turned into a vulnerable confession that drinking was ruining not only her reputation, but her life.

I was shocked (in a good way) with how honest she was being — both with herself and the world — about how she thought she needed a glass of wine before an interview to feel good, or how she would fall asleep at Award Shows, saying over and over again how embarrassing it was to drink and not remember what she said the night before.

And I related. Mommy Wine Culture has been a thing now for awhile, and I’m glad its losing its luster. Because honestly, it’s one thing to blackout in your 20s — it’s quite another to do so in your 30s with a toddler or two to take care of the next day.

I say she’s the perfect role model not because she is the prized image of womanhood perfection, but because she’s real — she owns up to her mistakes instead of blaming other people or outside circumstances for her behavior…THEN she follows up by taking the steps necessary to move toward a healthier & happier lifestyle that makes her feel good about herself and her choices. And that is rare.

Well done, Chrissy. I will be buying your new cookbook because I support you opening up about your dependency on alcohol and your struggles with mental health issues. Plus, I’m curious as to what you feed yourself and your family.

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