The Power of Self-Mantras

Another great tip from therapy!

Positive self-talk is the long-term investment that replaces damaging short-term habits like drinking, drugs and negative thinking. The best part? It’s free.

No one is bulletproof when it comes to negative self-talk. Things like “I’m not good enough, I make terrible decisions, I will never have enough money, I don’t deserve to be happy,” etc., will inevitably pop in our minds from time to time.

We can’t be happy all the time.

We can replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, though.

If you’re in a less than favorable mental state right now, know that you have the power to turn that around — for good.

Instead of relying on distraction or avoidance techniques to numb the pain, we can get to the root cause of whatever is causing us to feel unworthy/unloved/unsuccessful, and rebuild our self-esteem by rewiring our brains.

What Is A Mantra?

A mantra is a statement or slogan that is repeated frequently. They are useful in wellness practices like meditation and yoga, but can be applied anywhere.

A self-mantra is the same thing — but tailored specifically to you.


I give myself permission to live how I want to.

I make my own decisions.

I am beautiful.

I am a successful designer.

I deserve happiness.

A mantra automatically puts you in a positive mindset. Overtime, the repetitive nature literally changes your brain. Those negative thoughts you previously believed to be true will vanish. And that positive self-talk will become second nature.

Self-mantras turn our thoughts into reality. This means we have the power to manifest who we want to become simply by saying it out loud.

Whether you’re getting over a breakup, moving on from a past life, or learning to accept a big life change, that is incredibly powerful.

Own Your Mantra

The easiest (and most convincing) thing to do is write down 2-3 self-mantras on a piece of paper, and tape that piece of paper to your bathroom mirror. Every time you go in that bathroom (each morning when you wake up & each night before bed), you will be forced to read it.

And over time, you will believe it.

In order to come up with self-mantras that are unique to you, ask yourself what area of life you don’t feel confident or comfortable in. Is it your age, your appearance, your relationship, your work? Is it everything?

Tailor your self-mantras to whatever is making you feel less than. Recite them often. And notice yourself feeling better day by day.


Self-mantras will change your mindset, your confidence, and eventually, your life. All you have to do is come up with your own and read them every day. The renowned confidence and long-term happiness will follow.

Bonus Tips

If you’re looking to level up on the self-mantra concept, introducing newness into your life — by way of scents, music, clothing and people — is a fun way to upgrade.

Here are some examples:

  • Throw out the playlist you’ve been listening to since 2010 and create a brand new one. New songs elicit new feelings.

  • Reinvent your look — color your hair a color you’ve never done before, get a new wardrobe, or adopt a new makeup regimen. Fresh looks inspire creativity.

  • Get some new candles. New scents conjure new energies.

  • Bring new people into your life. New conversations and new perspectives make you look at the world in an intriguing way.

Doing these small feel-good things will make life feel exciting instead of mundane. It will provide new outlooks, and allow you to see that you do deserve to feel fabulous every day.

Feel alive. Own your mantra. Own your life.

Thank you for reading! I deleted my social media apps over the weekend (except for Pinterest — need that for vision planning, and LinkedIn — need that for business), and I already feel lighter, more present and all around better. Not sure how long this social media hiatus will last, but it’s looking like forever.

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