The Importance of Female Friendship

Fact: Our friends are our soulmates

I went to NYC again yesterday to meet up with my dear girlfriend from college and her dear *city* girlfriend. We brunched, we laughed, we vented, and we talked about life as a 30-something as it pertains to work, kids, and relationships. It was just what I needed after weeks of longing for uninterrupted girl time.

Truthfully, it’s always what I need to feel better — about where I stand in life, what I’m doing with my career, and everything in-between.

And it got me thinking…

When your college roommates are replaced by husbands and kids, things turn from excitable to real fairly quickly. I think you all know what I mean.

This is the reason I am always preaching the importance of girlfriend getaways and weekend outings with friends. Friends fill a void that significant others can’t. They bring new perspective and unique-to-you insights that allows you to see things more clearly. They help us realize that whatever “bad” thing is going on in our lives (and in the world at large), we have each other. And that’s pretty damn special.

Carrie said it best: Our friends are our soulmates.

My advice: Don’t wait until your snapping point to book a day out with your friends. Friends are the pinnacle of the good life, and we can’t “let life get in the way” of that.

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In case you missed it…

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Question for you

Are your current friends fulfilling your friendship needs, and are you fulfilling theirs? Friendship is a two-way street.

Homework this week

Plan a girlfriend getaway with your besties. No more “We should get together soon” talk, because we all know it won’t happen unless someone in the group takes the initiative. So. Take the reigns and plan the trip already.

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