The 2 Minutes it Takes to Read This Will Improve Your Mental Health Forever

Well that's a bold promise...But BELIEVE IT.

You look like you have a grand idea, Margaret! Do tell us about it!

Happy Monday.

I thought I would have had my baby by now, but she is taking her sweet time making her grand entrance. In preparation for her arrival, I have been keeping busy by writing fun coffee table books (soon to be published!) that will be discounted for my paid subscribers.

More on this later. If you have ideas on what you would want in a coffee table book (in the realm of fashion, mental health, and motherhood), do let me know. The funnier, the better.

For today’s mental health pick-me-up…

There is no magical cure-all for your mental health. However, when we take active steps every day to feel better, we start noticing a really cool shift happening — that shift is our mood changing from blah to great, positively affecting every area of our lives.

Translation? Taking 2 minutes a day to get your mind right improves your self-esteem, your relationship with your boss, your marriage, your perspective on motherhood…everything.

“Having a solid social network is one of the best predictors of good mental health.”

Mark Manson, tell-it-like-it-is-kind-of-a-dick self-improvement expert, says that having a solid social network is one of the best predictors of good mental health. Not only do I believe him, but I can attest to this claim from my own personal shitty situations where I felt so alone in life that all I wanted to do was numb those feelings with alcohol.

The Lesson

Have good friends — friends you can lean on in times of need and in times of celebration. Don’t ever take your friendships for granted because they are your literal lifeline for when shit goes wrong.

Don’t have good friends? Create deeper social connections with people you meet. Good friends aren’t going to come knocking on your door. You’ve heard it said before…Finding good friends is like dating — it can be brutal, but is oh so worth it once you find your core peeps.

Have a fabulous Sunday.

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Xo, Ash

Sip Tip!

Repeat fun mantras every day to keep your mental health spirits up.

  • I will be fearless today!

  • I will wear my cheetah sunglasses around the house just for the hell of it!

  • I am a damn Queen!