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Happy Friday, my loyal subscribers!!

I have fallen victim to the vicious (albeit common) cycle of feeling unmotivated, unproductive, and therefore, guilty for feeling so this week — to which my husband pointed out, “You’re growing a human!”

True. But I still beat myself up on days when I just can’t get it god damn together in the realm of focusing on what I need to be focusing on. Pregnancy safe nootropics? Are you out there?

So! I have learned to take serious advantage of the pockets of time I have to myself, and when I’m feeling high on productivity and motivation, I AM GOING TO MAKE THE MOST OF EET. Which is what I’m doing today, and it feels damn good.

This is your friendly reminder that psyching yourself up for the day is critical to how your day is going to turn out. What we read (this newsletter!) + what we wear (colorful crewneck, jeans, gold loafers) + and what we listen to (Amp It Up podcast) as we mentally prepare for the day is Oh. So. Important.

I’m calling it the ahh-mazing mindset trifecta. Pay attention to what you’re reading + wearing + listening to these next few days and notice how it’s all making you feel.

Questions for you

  • What books are you reading right now that you would recommend?

  • What are you wearing these days as we steepity-step into Spring?

  • What podcasts are you listening to?

I’ll give you mine:

Here Are This Week’s Articles

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Have a fabulous weekend, everyone. Keep being you. And do let me know what you’re reading + wearing + listening to to stay on your productivity/excited about life game by hitting reply to this email. See you Sunday (not Tuesdays anymore). Chow!

Be you.

Xo, Ashley