Starting a Business From Scratch

Behold some fabulous insight from a creative (and rich!) man on being fearless.

“We just got started.”

This is what Rob Angel, founder of Pictionary, had to say about the entrepreneurs of the world vs. everyone else. They just got started.

If you don’t know who Steve Sims is, please get to know him. His podcast, The Art of Making Things Happen, is a show that is legitimately helpful in the realm of entrepreneurship, business success and overall life satisfaction.

Yesterday I listened to his interview with Rob, who is now my new favorite person. He has a book out called Game Changer, and I can’t wait to get it.

In the episode with Steve, Rob talks about how he turned a simple idea (Pictionary) into the most popular board game in the world. The gist? He followed his curiosity. He had no plan or scheme of turning Pictionary into Pictionary. What he did have was belief in himself and belief in his product.

On starting a business, he says:

“Tell yourself you’re an inventor. Tell yourself you’re a creator, and jump. Keep celebrating the tiny victories. Change your mindset, tell yourself you’re a creator, and jump.”

He launched Pictionary in 1985, and sold to people “he wasn’t supposed to sell to.” Meaning, he walked into bookstores (which only sold books at the time) asking for his board game to be sold there. In essence, he had a game, but he wasn’t selling to game stores.

I thought that was brilliant. Tapping into markets that aren’t typical to your product gives you a ridiculous advantage that I’m sure applies to modern day. I can’t wait to apply this concept to my future clothing brand.

His biggest tidbit of advice?

Don’t overthink. When we’re starting something new, we stand there paralyzed by fear, and never get started because it feels scary. We have to remind ourselves that being told “no” or looked at a certain way isn’t life or death.

Takeaway: Have no fear when telling people about your business, and sell to whoever you want to. Follow what feels exciting, and keep going with it.

Thank you for reading. I’m feeling energetic today, (thank you, CBG), so I’m going to take advantage and finish a project ahead of schedule. And maybe even cold email some big wigs for the fun of it!

Be you.