Own Your Dream

Instead of focusing on tasks to complete, focus on people to serve

People are attracted to your weirdness. Not repelled by it.

Do you ever notice how satisfying — how freeing — it feels to simply be yourself? To say what you want to say, do what you want to do, and wear what you want to wear? Not caring what anyone will think?

I remember wanting to move to New York City when I was a teenager so I could wear what I wanted to wear, free of judgment. That was it. That was my main reason for wanting to live in the land of misfits, weirdos, and people so confident they walked down the street in nothing but a bird dress and polka dot heels.

The underlying notion of this, of course, was that I wanted to be who I wanted to be, free of judgment.

This being-who-we-are-ness isn’t always an act of rebellion. Being who you are shows other people that it’s okay for them to be themselves, too. In my opinion, that’s one of the most powerful things you can give to someone. Especially when that someone feels ashamed of who they are.

Be True To You. Be True To Other People

A podcast I listen to every week, The SimplyBe. podcast, is a personal branding platform that explores (and proves) how harnessing your authenticity is the key to building the business and life of your dreams.

If you think that sounds cliche, you might be right. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. It’s impossible to listen to someone’s rags-to-riches story and not feel inspired.

Some people think personal branding is an act of vanity, when it’s actually the opposite. By showcasing who you are and what you can offer your niche community, you’re giving people permission to use their uniqueness to their advantage — no matter what that is.

While I am not yet a business owner, I’m confident that starting and running a successful company only happens when you’re in it to serve other people. And it doesn’t have to be this massive, global problem. It can be creating content for the sake of making people laugh.


Whether it’s something you say, something you do or something you wear, know that being authentic is the only way you win in life. And by doing so, you’re showing people who might be afraid of being who they are that they matter. Their distinctive voices and stories matter, just like yours does.

Treat yourself like you want other people to treat you. And treat other people the way you treat yourself.

Own your dream. Own your weirdness. Own your questionable style. Own it all.

Thank you for reading. Happy Thursday.

Be you.