Making Friends as an Adult is a Bitch

It's possible, though! Keep friend-dating!

Here is your recap of this week’s articles, and friendly reminder to keep being you.

Happy Friday, LADIEZ.

I am back in Columbus this weekend (my home city), and can’t wait to spend the weekend with my fam and gal pals. There’s really nothing like an effortless hangout with people you can be yourself around. Am I right? Yes I am.

If you don’t already have plans to do so, I encourage you to spend this weekend with people who get you. You know the type of people I’m talking about, here. Friends whom you can be your raw, real, and fabulous self around — unfiltered and willing to talk about anything.

In Related News…

I am conducting a survey on adult friend making for an upcoming article, and WOULD LOVE your input on the matter. Hit reply to this email (or DM me on Instagram) and let me know your stories (good and bad!) on making friends as a grown-ass woman. I want to hear it all.

As Carrie Bradshaw would say, “In the name of research…”

Recap of this week’s articles

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See you gals Sunday. Have a fabulous, Real Friend Worthy weekend.

Be you.

Xo, Ash