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Roundup of this week's articles

Every Friday, I will send a recap of articles I wrote for the week, just in case you missed em.’

Less work. More champagne. It’s a lifestyle.

Good afternoon, gals! It’s Friday! And it’s getting warmer!

Here are this week’s articles + their takeaways + questions to keep your mind right as you head into the weekend.

This Week’s Articles

The Mindset That Eases My Sunday Scaries

If You Believe in Yourself and Your Business, You Will Be Successful

The Cure To My Baby Blues Was Getting Dressed Again

Article Takeaways

  • Find a mantra that works for you — like “Less work, more champagne” — and recite it every time you feel stressed out

  • To make anything happen in your life (in business, friendships, marriage, self-development), you gotta put yourself out there, and you gotta be in your element

  • Believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself

  • Keep doing things that make you happy

  • Prioritizing your needs before everyone else’s is smart, not selfish

  • Prioritizing your appearance is smart (and fun), not vain

Questions for you

  • What did you do this week to stay well?

  • What did you do this week to stay sane?

  • What did you do this week to stay mentally strong?

  • What did you do this week to stay stylish?

  • What did you do to stay excited about life?

Weekly reminder

Here at Take A Sip, we believe what you read + what you wear + what you listen to is thee killer combo to make your wellness dreams come true — whether you’re trying to up your self-improvement game, climb the corporate ladder, or make some damn mom friends already, it all starts with grounding your life in wellness.

And as always, keep being you.

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