7 Ways To Have Fun With Your Style This Summer

If you aren't having fun with fashion, you're doing it wrong.

I hope you enjoy this 3-minute read.

When I became a mom, I made myself small. I lost my edge, I lost my sass, I lost myself. Getting dressed again was the fuel that got me out of my postpartum blues funk, resulting in a mantra I now live by each and every morning:

Getting dressed again got my mind right again.

This is my daily reminder that putting in the extra effort via jeans over sweats and mascara over no mascara is going to be worth it — for my work, my attitude, and my mental health.

Additionally, wearing something completely representative of me assures I will be me, and confirms I will show up accordingly for my family, friends, and colleagues as the best possible version of myself. So really, I’m dressing up out of respect for others — it just so happens that getting dressed puts me in an insanely good mood.

Taking it a step further (and the point of this post) is the notion that if you aren’t having fun with fashion, you’re doing it wrong. What I mean is, style is meant to be playful and vibrant and fabulous and fun and freeing.

While this is simply my opinion, I believe the world would be a better place if we all treated getting dressed with a little more pizazz.

How To Have Fun With Fashion?

  • Care about your outfit — Just don’t obsess over it

  • Go with your gut

  • Be fearless — If you want to wear your husband’s blue button down with a belt, who the hell is stopping you?

  • Approach getting dressed as playing dress upA pink boa? Don’t mind if I do!

  • Don’t be afraid of color — You are better than grey

  • Add an exciting accessory — Like oversize sunglasses or shoulder-grazing earrings

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of feathers

TAKEAWAY: Remember that style is an attitude. Own your look, own your sass, own it all.

Thank you for reading!

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And if you’re wondering…Who am I to give fashion advice?

I’m Ashley, a writer & bold fashion enthusiast. Working in fashion for 7 years — with retail management, agency work, and style consulting under my Italian leather belt, I’ve learned a thing or two about how women dress vs. how they want to dress. The running theme I see over and over again with women shopping? Is that they simply take their style (and consequently, themselves) much too seriously.

This is the reason I’m launching a clothing brand — to show women the incredible power that bold outfitting has on their mindset — and ultimately, their lives. Keep up with my COMING SOON clothing brand, VALT, here.

Be you.

Xo, Ash