How To Feel Purpose Every Day

A little Monday motivation never hurt anyone.

I read this golden piece of advice from Tara Schuster, in her book, Buy Yourself The F*cking Lillies. Highly recommend, ps.

Somewhere in the beginning pages, she said she her life feels meaningless unless she feels purpose every day. Sounds obvious. But we get distracted by social media, the news and what other people are doing with their careers and home lives, when we should be focusing on our idea of happiness.

So, when we set goals, then do everything not to achieve them, we feel like those goals are unattainable.

But they aren’t. Goals are a great thing to have, but unless you’re actually making moves to hit them, they’re nothing but useless ideas.

Feel Fulfilled Every. Damn. Day.

Tara recommended that in order to feel fulfilled (daily), you need to first figure out what’s important to you (core values like family, friends and fun), write those things down, and look at them every day. Then, do your best to carry them out.

My goal is to feel — not good, not satisfied — but fulfilled every day as a mom, as a business woman, and as a wife. That doesn’t happen unless the following goals are met:

  • Bring faith into my life daily (be grateful)

  • Focus on serving other people daily (make a waitress smile, congratulate someone who just had a baby or got a promotion, offer advice without expecting a reward)

  • Work toward my business goals daily (newsletter + book + clothing brand)

  • Serve my clients as best I can daily (go above and beyond)

  • Connect with someone daily (a family member, friend, or online stranger)

Reading through these first thing in the morning sets my day up for success because it jumpstarts my mindset. Feeding your mind right with positivity and goal-setting is the equivalent to fueling your body with good food and good workouts. If you want to see results, it has to be done.


You can’t think up your dream life. You have to work toward your dream life, keeping in mind that the end result isn’t really the goal. Enjoying (and learning from) the process is.

Focus on what matters most to you. Stop letting distractions rule your life. Take life less seriously. But take yourself very seriously.

Ask yourself what’s most important to you, then take little steps toward the payoff that is unique to you, and no one else.

Unrelated but related note! I have been taking CBG (yes CBG, not CBD) capsules every morning for the past few weeks, and they really are gold for focus and mental clarity. I also take CBD now and again, which usually makes me sleepy. But CBG is sort of the opposite — it works to boost your energy and your mood, rather than calm you down. Give it a whirl.

Thank you for reading! May you find ways to make your Monday feel like less of a Monday.

Be you.