How To Enjoy Your Partner Instead of Being Annoyed By Them

Self-care for your relationship: Will it be the new wellness craze?

Let’s hop right to it.

It’s easy to focus on whatever is going wrong in our lives (instead of what’s going right) because looking at the bright side of life takes work — while the endless list of domesticity to-dos, dealing with whiny kids, and picking up after your husband YET AGAIN is smack in your face, all the time.

BUT! If there’s one thing that can change my mood around, it’s laughing with my roommate aka my husband, instead of rolling my eyes behind his back that he’s been watching golf for 3 hours while getting chip crumbs on the couch while throwing the baby bottle cap on the floor instead of putting it in the damn sink.

SO…In the spirit of making your Sunday less Sunday Scaries and more Summer Sunday, I am giving you some ideas on how to make your relationship with your man/woman more lively.

According to relationship experts, the 3 killers of fun in any marriage are busyness, boredom, and complacency.

One relationship coach says: “If you’re not regularly having fun together as a couple, you’re in danger. Marriage is meant to be fun, and sometimes even fun takes a little work.”

While I am no relationship expert, I have learned to love my husband more over the past few years simply by appreciating the good in him, while letting the annoying parts about him slide.

Here are 11 reminders that being married shouldn’t feel stale — but exciting.

  1. Go to bed naked at least once a week.

  2. Wear outfits he/she loves to see you in.

  3. Send each other funny/sexy/flirty/goofy texts.

  4. Hang out with other couples.

  5. Greet each other NICELY in the mornings — instead of giving them the silent treatment for stealing the covers all night.

  6. Have date nights once a week — cliche, yes. Effective? Also yes.

  7. Workout together.

  8. Reinvent your first date.

  9. Flirt with each other.

  10. Don’t hold grudges — when he/she pisses you off, tell them, and move on.

  11. Appreciate their good qualities — instead of focusing on the unfavorable ones.

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