How To Create A Life That Feels Good To You, As Told By A Very Relatable Lady Entrepreneur

A loungewear enthusiast spills her tips on designing a life & business on your terms

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Do you know that feeling you get when someone gets you? When the person you’re talking to is on the same page of life as you? That’s what it was like chatting with Meg, founder of nine56 studio, a direct-to-consumer brand that sells products fit for the creative homemaker, including loungewear and homeware.

Meg Rohs is all about creating a life that feels good to you, and wants to show other women that designing their days around happiness and fulfillment — via their home lives and entrepreneurial lives — is 100 percent possible. It’s the “getting there” part that’s challenging, but that’s also the fun of it.

Here is our convo on starting a clothing a brand, writing a book, and celebrating life.

Why did you decide to start your loungewear brand?

After going to school for apparel design, I wanted to find a way to stay in the industry that was helping to move the sustainability movement forward, so I ended up working for a few small, sustainable clothing stores here in Minnesota. I learned how design worked, how garments were made, and fell in love with it.

Wanting my brand to be sourced from materials that were ethical, sustainable and small-batch, I didn’t yet understand the woman I wanted to serve. As I was in the processes of simplifying my life — I had just gotten married and moved from the city — I found that not only did I want to pursue a business from home built on WFH-wear, but I wanted to help women like me who have both passions — raising babies & raising businesses — make that actually work.

So the question became, ‘Who will invest in sustainable/small-batch clothing?’ which is why the brand is shifting more to homeware goods, and also to content where I can better serve my customer.

Why the name nine56 studio? 

Right after I got married, I was sitting in my living room in my pajamas thinking, ‘I have an opportunity in my life right now to do whatever I want. I don’t have to be sitting at a cubicle. I can create the best routine for ME to pursue my dreams and create balance in my days.’

I looked at the clock, and it was 9:56 am. That time of morning became representative of how I was designing my days to have freedom in my life.

I could not love that more. You’re now writing a book! What is it about?

I’m currently working with a local editor and publisher who I’m very excited to be in contact with. The book is about how women can live a life that feels good to them — and it isn’t necessarily just for moms trying to turn their hobbies into businesses — it's for younger women who are trying to listen to their intuition that’s telling them to pursue their passions.

Through the book, I want to show them how to cultivate a life that feels good to them, letting go of the expectations that society places on us in mothering, in creating businesses, and everything else.

You’re now focusing more on content with your brand. What will the education side of the biz look like?

I’m constantly asking myself, ‘How can I find a balance?’ which goes for being a wife, a mom, and a business owner. So I’m gearing more toward ramping up my blog with tips that creative entrepreneurs and moms working from home would find useful.

I’m also planning to launch a podcast…I’m thinking 2-minute episodes…where I’m providing encouragement to women who want to go off the beaten path to do their own thing in life that fuels their passion in a way that is authentic to them.

Because this is a mindset health newsletter, what do you do to keep your mental health spirits up?

Being at the end of my first trimester (baby #2), it's reminding me how important these daily practices of meditation are! I get mentally and emotionally rocked at the beginning of my pregnancies, so I know I HAVE to do certain things to keep my mind right, otherwise I won’t be able to function.

So, I get up early, I’ll do 10 minutes of meditation and 5 minutes of journaling to get myself on track for the day. And I know this sounds cheesy, but I’m all about attitude & gratitude —reminding myself to be thankful for what I have. So I do affirmations. I write down 3 things I'm thankful for, and 3 things I'm excited for, every day.

And If I'm in a funk, I like to read in the bath. I’ll also listen to encouraging podcasts on a walk.

This is Meg. Follow her on Instagram here.

Homework this week

After you get dressed in the morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Is this who I want to be today?!” If the answer is YES, go conquer the day in your Very You outfit. If the answer is no, go change into something that warrants a Hell Yes, This is Who I Want to Be vibe.

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