Here Are My 3 Secrets for Embracing Parenthood Instead of Complaining About it

I'm finally learning to appreciate my mom-ness

This is the actress from Ginny & Georgia. Her Hot Mom Confidence is v. inspiring, and I highly recommend the show.

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Happy Monday!

It’s October — the month of awkward weather, hence awkward outfits. As I continue my search for the perfect weekday uniform (more dressed up than leggings & sweaters, but more casual than jeans & blazers), I have uncovered 3 truths about transitional outfitting:

  1. It is all about your shoes.

  2. Expensive clothes are just better.

  3. Getting dressed is a legit daily practice, and when you stop doing it, you literally have no clue how to dress yourself.

If anyone has any must-try brands on their radar, PLEASE let me know. I’m at a fashion crossroads and my self-esteem is taking a hit from it.


This week’s newsletter is unrelated to the relentless search for the perfect clothing brand. It’s about embracing parenthood instead of complaining about it — an art form I’m slowly starting to master.

When I got pregnant again, I thought my life was over again.

But THANKFULLY, I have learned from my past mistakes, implementing simple mindset tricks to show me I am indeed in control of my happiness. And so are you.

Little did I know becoming a mom would not only make me a better person, but teach me something most people don’t figure out until they are on their death beds…

That the meaning of life lies in who we spend our time with, not what we do for work.

That said…here are my secrets for thriving in motherhood, on and off the mom clock. Important side note: These have taken me 5+ years to master, and they must be practiced daily in order to be effective.

1. I appreciate my husband instead of resenting him.

Learning to work with your partner instead of against them is a trained habit once small humans invade your personal space. Instead of viewing our current dynamic as martyrdom (he works while I stay home), I’m thankful we’re able to have the lifestyle we want because he is *the sole provider* — and future investor of my businesses. Jake, are you reading this?

Reminding myself I won’t be home forever gets me through the days I feel isolated on stay-at-home-mom island.

2. I remind myself I’m lucky to be home with my baby instead of feeling frustrated by it.

Are you there, New York Times? And you, Rachel Zoe? Despite my nonchalantness toward the business world, I’m actually quite obsessed with my professional persona, and am highly motivated by creating things that make me *lots o’* money while bringing fun and fabulousness into the worlds of publishing & fashion.

I understand being home in this temporary blip of early motherhood is a privilege, not a burden. And that there is! a light at the end of the tunnel — aka daycare.

3. I start and end my day thanking Goddess I have happy, healthy children.

This has become such a habit that the second I hit the pillow, my mind goes on autopilot to: “Thank you for Cy, thank you for Poe, thank you for Jake, thank you for my parents, my sisters, my friends…I’m lucky to have them.”

The self-improvement gurus were right: Gratitude is everything.

I hope you found this helpful. See you next week.

Be you.

Xo, Ash