Being Yourself is The Answer to Your Problems

How to lean into exactly who you are (and who you want to be) to get whatever you want out of life.

Please enjoy this interview with Sara Chambers (pictured above), creative and fabulous brand/business strategist residing in the sunny desert of Phoenix (jealous). She gives us tips on going after what you want despite what others say about you, owning your version of success, and more.

Care to guess the theme? BE YOURSELF. Seems to be a pattern, no? That’s because being yourself is the only way you win in life — in your career, your relationships, parenting, everything. Take note.

Why did you start your business? What makes your branding agency different from the rest?

I started Elly and Nora Creative because I was at a place in my career where I had been telling myself a lot of lies and assuming false narratives that had been placed on me. Things like my ambitions were too big or my ideas weren't welcome or I was difficult because I asked hard questions.

I had been freelancing for about a decade and was terrified to assume the role of entrepreneur because it was risky, but when I got laid off, it was the affirmation I needed to pull the trigger. I realized the qualities others didn't like about me were not about me at all. I decided they were great qualities of a leader — I just needed to give myself permission to fully lean into exactly who I am. 

Elly and Nora is different because marketing and branding can feel manipulative and predatory, but really what we're doing is simply discovery. We're helping our clients to better understand exactly who they are and in that, they can attract the perfect audience.

What does having a successful brand mean to you? A successful company?

Success is elusive, flexible, and ever-changing. To me, success is freedom and autonomy. I value being able to have agency over my time, my energy, and my team. I care deeply about creating meaningful communications. If I've created something that can help others thrive, I've done my job. 

What are you most proud of in the realm of helping women entrepreneurs thrive?

I truly believe that when women have more money and greater access to resources, communities are transformed. I'm most proud of seeing the women I've worked with find it in themselves to create, cultivate, grow, and develop something from nothing. When that light bulb clicks on and they finally understand their power, that's where the magic is. 

Do you believe the phrase, "Do what you love and success will follow" to ring true for creative entrepreneurs?

That's tough because I do believe that doing what you love is a deeply important part of creating an incredible life full of purpose. However, even when you're doing what you love, there will be things you don't like. Not every day is filled with the most satisfying work, but if you're building something you care about, you can lean on that passion to get you through. 

It’s also important to specify that doing what you love doesn't have to be monetized. We place so much value on getting paid that we lose the love, the passion, and the joy.

What advice do you have for women entrepreneurs trying to find and connect with their ideal audience when starting out?

My advice would be to look inward. Find clarity and self-awareness. When you show up exactly as you are, you'll attract those who are meant to work with you. Don't try and manipulate yourself into a box to appeal to a certain audience. The inauthenticity won't last long and you'll be miserable. 

Because this is a newsletter all about improving mindset, what do you do every day to keep your mental health spirits up?

If I'm being 100% honest, this is a big area of opportunity for me. I've spent my entire career (and likely life) associating my value with how much I can do and what I can accomplish. My results and productivity have always equated to my worth — so it's difficult for me to turn it off.

I'm trying to find time and joy in the things that aren't tied to my business and aren't for anyone else's consumption.

For me, that’s reading fiction. I've found I need a break to just enjoy a story and read actual paper instead of a screen.

Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Sara :)

For anyone looking to create better content, here is Sara’s free guide, Top 5 Tips for Creating Better Content, which will help you create content that will slow the scroll and help you stand out. 

Thank you for reading!

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