Do You Believe in Magic?

A Spiritual Coach shows women how to unleash self-trust & compassion

Welcome to Spring. There are good vibes (and magic) in the air.

Today’s interview is brought to you by Angela Kaufman, a spiritual life coach specializing in manifestation and trauma healing. After her mother and younger sister tragically passed away in a swimming accident, something in Angela changed. Angry, hurt, sad, and alone — on and off PTSD medications for several years, and contemplating suicide twice — she found Reiki, which turned her life around.

“I was able able to heal the root cause of my pain. My attunement raised my vibration so old patterns and behaviors could be addressed. I was able to come off the anxiety and sleeping medications. The inside of me changed.”

You have been working as an Intuitive since you were 19. What is an Intuitive, and why does this work speak to you?

Every person is born with intuition, yet some people have more distinct levels of 'natural' intuition. Intuition is like a muscle — the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. I also believe that intuition is a form of intelligence.

Being an Intuitive is a matter of tuning in and wanting to learn what our intuitive language is. Do you hear things? Do you see things that can’t be explained ? Do you have that gut feeling that something is going to happen before it does?

Maybe you receive certain images or other messages in dreams. Maybe you pay special attention to something in nature that others might not stop and take time to investigate. Being an intuitive is finding the deeper meaning. 

Why is energy work important?

We all possess a network of energy channels in our bodies. Where these channels overlap forms a dense center of energy.

Chakras are your energy ‘hot spots,’ and can be located along the axis of your body. You also have an etheric energy field surrounding your body, known as your aura. Before things even enter the body (food, emotions), they first manifest in your aura.

If your energy field is depleted, that’s when things jump from your aura to your chakras, resulting in stress. In other words, chronic stress = illness.

Energy work is important to me because it is part of my soul’s contract. It’s why I was put here on Earth. From the time I was a young child I have always been sensitive to what other people are going through. People matter to me, and I would like everyone to sense the world around them clearly, to avoid the causes of stress (and therefore prevent illness and disease), and remain emotionally calm.

Energy work allows you to live your life to the fullest by maintaining a healthy flow of energy throughout your energy system. 

How do we live as our authentic selves?

When your mind, body, and spirit are in alignment, the result is wholeness. It’s how you were created to live as your true, authentic self. It’s where your outer being is vibrating to the same rhythm as your inner being.

When your mind is in a good place, your ego no longer controls your life and you are at one with the Divine Creative Source. When this shift happens, it is also where the highest form of love exists, where healing for the body takes place, and where the spirit and the mind are in a harmonious state of emotional balance.

Proven by countless studies and experiments, the human body becomes weaker and more vulnerable to sickness when it experiences negative or fear-based emotions over a prolonged period of time. These ‘lower dwelling emotions’ are debilitating, and are usually expressed through feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, fear, hate, and anger.

In a nutshell, your emotions can be working for you or against you. And your physical body will respond to whatever is going on in your mind.

What is your response to someone who doesn't believe in manifestation?

If a person does not believe in Manifesting, chances are they are just not ready to accept it yet. Manifestation is a belief system. It’s about having faith and being open to possibility.

In short? It’s all about your frequency and vibe. If you match your own frequency to that of what you want to attract, then you will allow yourself to receive it much faster and easier. (Ex: Having an abundance of money feels adventurous, fun, exciting AND brings peace of mind).

Turning tragedy into triumph

In Reiki healing we work with our guides, ancestors and angels . Mine were there waiting for me to acknowledge and accept them after accepting what had happened to my mom and sister.

Things for the first time in my life started to make sense. I started a business when I wasn’t able to walk from a previous car accident. When Covid hit, I used faith and manifestation to start a successful business, now helping women reach their full, authentic potential in life.

My main purpose is to empower other women to trust themselves — women who have lost children, women with severe PTSD, and women motivated start their own business. I teach these women that once we face our pain, we’re able to use it as a catalyst to help others, while experiencing our own growth and dreams.

Thank you for reading.

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