Daydreaming is Good for the Soul

At a loss for motivation? We could all use some fantasy fulfillment

This is Jaclyn Johnson. This post isn’t so much about her in particular, but about what she embodies.

When I’m at a motivation crossroads, I turn to my saved items on Instagram and bookmarked tabs on my laptop for inspiration.

My previous routine of wake up-drink coffee-write something just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Is it because I’m in my pajamas until 10 am? (fine, 11). Is it because my go-to sources of creativity (coffee shops, restaurants, any room without my son and husband) have been cut off? Is it because I’m being forced to find alternative outlets against my will?

Yes to all of the above. We’re all in the same situation. And, as you now know from yesterday’s newsletter, I need constant reminders telling me what my goals are, why they’re important, and how I’m supposed to get there — all the while enjoying the journey of how that comes about.

And then I remembered…

Variety is the spice of life. Shaking things up, no matter how big or small, is necessary for keeping a fresh perspective on life. So, while routines are essential for getting things done, mixing it up is just as important.

Does this mean I’m going to put the bathroom towels away before the kitchen towels now? LET’S NOT GET HASTY. It means striking a balance (hate that word) between the two, taking note of productive distractions vs. unproductive distractions.

This morning, Cy wanted me to play baseball with him outside. Normally, I would look at that clock, realize I haven’t written an article yet, and tell him we will play after my cycling class. Because, routines. But then I acknowledged that my morning routine hasn’t been serving me anymore, and that not taking 20 minutes to go outside and play baseball with my 4-year-old child is ridiculous.

Stepping outside (literally), outside of my routine comfort zone was exactly what I needed to stop focusing on the trophy (satisfaction of people reading/liking/commenting) and start focusing on the target (writing because I like writing). What a metaphor.

My Go-To Inspiration

Because the online world is currently in the spotlight for, well, everything, I’m utilizing photos, quotes and captions from social media and blogs as replacement fuel for my writing. And my happiness and sanity.

Lately, I’ve been very attracted to LA. Specifically, the entrepreneurs, authors, podcast hosts and fashion designers that live there because they all just seem so…free. Free to be who they are, free to give a damn about making positive change in the world, and free to get a tan in March if they want to. My next life needs to be spent in California I just decided.

That said, here are some people I have been following for a little more color in my life, which is proving to provide a bigger vision for who I want to be and what I want to represent, as well as a keepsake for a bolder outlook on life.

  • Jaclyn Johnson — My main attraction to Jaclyn is how calmly confident she is. She dolls out business advice without sounding elitist, and she’s positive without being annoying.

  • Gala Darling — I talked about Gala a bit in this newsletter, and I just can’t find anyone cooler than her. Like Jaclyn, she is also positive without being annoying, but she has more edge and a lot more I-don’t-give-a-f*ckness that I admire about people. She has written two books that I have not yet purchased.

  • Tiffany Roe — I have also talked a bit about Tiffany in a previous post, but again, can’t seem to find anyone cooler. She is a therapist living in Utah. She seems to be a rare breed of a person who genuinely gives a shit about helping people. We can all learn from Tiffany.

That’s all I’ve got!

Happy Thursday. May you find inspiration, motivation and happiness in whatever way works for you. This week is going by quite swiftly, eh?

Be you.