Can You Find Your Life's Purpose By Wearing The Perfect Outfit?

Critics say yes. And by "perfect," I mean "perfect for YOU"

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Happee Tuesdee!

I am dead tired from a fun weekend away and am about to have ANOTHER fun weekend with friends, and I just can’t wait for it. The point I’m driving home here, is that having fun is essential to your wellbeing. Prioritizing our friendships isn’t only reserved for college and “finding ourselves” in our twenties — it should be on our calendars right next to our spin classes and date nights.

Now for today’s (unrelated) issue…

It’s official. Dressing up really does make us happier.

“When we dress up, we walk taller — and that change in our posture has a massive effect psychologically on our brains,” says Dr. Audrey Tang, psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society.

Former VP of Marketing for Calvin Klein, now a writer and forever style enthusiast, Christine Morrison exposes the grey areas of life in her work — namely fashion, beauty, wellness and aging.

If you’re interested in how fashion shapes our identities, (and really, who isn’t?) you will enjoy this read. Grab your piping hot latte or crisp Pinot Grigio and soak in this fashionable wisdom that’s really more about life than LBDs.

Here is our convo.

Tell me about this fashion memoir of yours. I can’t wait to read it.

I have always felt clothes establish our identity — and that soul searching is less about “You are what you wear” and more experimenting with fits, fabrics, styles, and designers you try on as you determine who you are and who you aspire to become.

Finding the significance — and often riotous humor — in what we wore while fumbling through life on the journey to find our authentic, joyous identity can be cathartic and entertaining.

This is the heart of my fashion memoir. The collection of essays captures my path to forming my identity, navigating my way to true love, and discovering my true self as told through what I wore.

More than a fun read, I aspire for women to reflect on what they wore on their way to self-actualization — for some, reading the book can be the impetus they need to find themselves again.

What intrigues you most about the fashion industry? About style in general?

I love that fashion (and style) are so personal, so tied to who we are…and that rules really don’t apply. As an industry, I am in awe of its immense creativity.

You live by a “Less is more” mantra. Why is this important to you, and how do you achieve it?

I jest that I’ve been a minimalist since in utero. But there’s truth to this. A less is more mentality has always resonated with me — in fashion and in life — as I find clutter distracting. Without the chaos of clutter, I genuinely appreciate exactly what I have and I’m able to stay present.

To achieve this balance, I strive to be consistent with pairing down — I edit my closet (and house overall) often. I don’t overshop, and I stay true to myself and what I really need vs. want.

What advice do you have for women wanting to move toward a minimalist lifestyle?

I think it helps to think about what you want from life — what are you goals? How do you want to express yourself? I think so many hold onto the past, with clothes and accessories we can no longer wear, that no longer reflect who we are or want to be. We’re afraid of letting go.

By rooting yourself in the present, you can create a streamlined lifestyle.

Any tips on how to adopt a more “grown up” style? (aka chic, timeless, and sophisticated over trendy)

I think “grown up” may be overrated, but I agree there is a cutoff for some looks! Sticking to classics and incorporating trends that feel authentic to who you are, fun items that empower you or bring you joy are the best. But not all at once.

I love the Coco Chanel quote: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

I believe dressing well improves not only your mood, but your mental health overall. Do you agree? What do you do to keep your mental health spirits up every day?

I wholeheartedly agree! Coming out of the pandemic has been a great reminder for us that getting dressed in anything outside of lounge clothes feels so good. It gives you energy and motivation to take on the day.

Beyond clothes, for me, sleep, exercise and good nutrition are the foundation for maintaining my mental health daily.

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Be you.

Xo, Ash