5 Unconventional Habits For Happiness

What is your happy place? WHO is your happy place?

Eating well, exercising, and making time for yourself are tried and true practices that keep your endorphins high. What I’m divulging today are more unfamiliar patterns for happiness, as opposed to the traditional means to feel good.

Here are 5 nonconforming ways to lead an excitable life, every day.

Comin’ in hot…

1. Be friends with someone older.

I don’t mean 5 or 10 years older. I mean an entire generation older.


Because they have wisdom and perspective that you do not. They have life stories drastically different from your own, and that makes your conversations interesting.

I’ve moved a lot over the past few years, and some of the most memorable people from the different places I’ve lived are 75 years young.

Branch out of your “squad” and befriend people outside of your age group.

2. Buy a piece of clothing from a grocery store.

As I continue my research for the best fits and fabrics, I’m finding (sadly) that higher price does not equal higher quality. This does not apply to bottles of champagne, Jake. Do not get ideas.

I went to Kroger the other day with my new temporary roommates, and I had some time to kill so I moseyed over to the women’s clothing department. And guess what. I found a clearance shirt with great fabric.

Having the cashier put my $10 tank top in the same bag as my organic bananas was oddly exhilarating. It could be that I’m simply in the mood to shop, but the point is, buying expensive clothes from a snobby boutique doesn’t make you cooler than someone buying clothes from a grocery store.

How do I know this? Because I do both.

3. Delete Instagram.

It’s no secret that social media is toxic and mentally damaging.

One of my girlfriends deleted Instagram last year (per her therapist’s recommendation), and according to her, she has never felt better.

Social media in general is a time suck, but what’s most concerning is the comparison trap. To other people’s looks, their homes, their “cool jobs,” and their “perfect children.”

If you’re noticing your mood or energy dipping throughout the day, try getting off Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. They don’t do much other than make you feel terrible.

Takeaway social media tip? Utilize social media to your personal or professional advantage. Don’t get on it because you’re bored.

4. Make fun — not work — your priority.

When having fun is the focal point of your life (with work as an afterthought), it is uncanny how fulfilled you feel.

In my opinion, most of that “fun” is wrapped around your relationships. Whoever you enjoy spending time with — be it your partner, your circle of friends, your hairdresser, whomever — make sure you’re prioritizing the people you love over your laptop.

And (perhaps not ironically), you end up producing better work with this mentality because you aren’t constantly obsessing over your performance. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Takeaway fun tip: We are not going to care about how much time we spent in the office at the end of life. We’re going to care about the carefree summer nights we spent with our families and impromptu getaway trips with our girlfriends.

5. Focus on serving people.

This one is probably the least unorthodox, but it makes the cut anyway because most of us are selfish and need a reality check.

While I am an advocate of putting yourself first always, that doesn’t mean I’m saying only think of yourself always. Taking care of yourself jumpstarts your mind so that you are able to help other people.

People often have a narrow view of what “helping other people” looks like. It doesn’t solely mean to volunteer at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. It literally can mean anything involving making someone else feel good.

Give your barista a tip even if she doesn’t deserve it. Tell your fitness instructor his class is the best part of your day. Cook dinner for your neighbor not because they are sick, but because you just feel like it.

Happiness Pursuit Conclusion!

Keep in mind these are habits. They need to be practiced daily in order to be effective.

Here’s the wrap-up:

  • Be friends with someone older

  • Buy a piece of clothing from a grocery store

  • Delete Instagram

  • Make fun (not work) a priority

  • Focus on serving other people

Thank you for reading today’s newsletter! May your Tuesday be filled with sunshine, fresh avocado toast and good music.

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