4 Surprising Benefits of Getting Dressed


VALT is my clothing brand in the making. I am excited out of my brains about it, and can’t wait to share it with you gals once it officially launches. I believe getting dressed is one of the best things you can do for your mental health, which is the concept VALT is built upon.

Last week, I conducted a small survey asking women how they felt upon getting dressed, after a year of not getting dressed, the consensus a resounding, “We definitely feel better about ourselves when we get dressed for the day, as opposed to staying in lounge clothes because we aren’t going anywhere.”

This finding is not shocking. But getting dressed for the day is about so much more than clothes. The benefits of getting dressed go far beyond a self-esteem boost, which I’m going to share with you here.

In a Huff post article on The Mental Health Benefits of Getting Dressed For Work, the author explains, “Working from home can make you feel anywhere from a little blue to downright depressed. So by waking at your usual time, getting dressed, and doing your hair and makeup as usual, you’re actually getting your brain ready for a better workday.”

Biggest article takeaway? Staying in your lounge clothes every day can put you in a serious funk. And funks are no good for our mental health.

Here are 4 Benefits of Getting Dressed Every Day (That You Probably Don’t Think About)

Getting dressed helps you make better food choices.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence so many people gained weight during the pandemic, a time when we said goodbye to our “normal clothes” and hello to sweatpants and loose fitting ensembles.

What’s the correlation between weight gain and sweatpant land? Staying in your pajamas all day puts you in a sleepy state of mind. Hence, why you feel like sitting on the couch all day snacking.

Getting dressed for the day tells your brain you have shifted from relax time to work time, and staying dressed helps you make healthier food choices because you are more conscious of how your body looks and feels.

Getting dressed brings out the sass in you.

Or whatever personality trait that makes you you. Do you think you’re going to feel fun, flirty, and sexy wearing oversize sweats and a ratty t-shirt? Do you think you’re going to feel (and act) professionally in leggings and a hoodie?

Doing something as small as swiping on your Cruella red lipstick or slipping your feet into heels puts you in a boss state of mind. Whatever your sass is — be it professionalism, creativity, or actual sass — enhance it through your appearance and reap the feel-good benefits.

Getting dressed saves you embarrassment.

If your neighbor drops by to tell you about an upcoming block party, are you going to feel awesome about yourself if you answer the door in your husband’s boxers with wet hair? Probably not.

My point is, you don’t know what your day calls for, and it feels so, so much better to be ready at the drop of a hat if you need to be.

Getting dressed inspires others to be better.

When you allow yourself to show up as your full, authentic self, you’re giving permission to others to do the same. An overarching reason why the world is filled with the fashion-obsessed is because getting dressed is arguably the most powerful (and attainable) form of self-expression there is.

Getting dressed isn’t just a sign of respect for others or form of good manners — it empowers others that they, too, have the ability to shed whatever insecurities they have and believe in themselves.


  • Getting dressed helps you make better food choices.

  • Getting dressed brings out your best personality traits.

  • Getting dressed saves you embarrassment.

  • Getting dressed inspires others to be better.

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