3 Daily Practices That Will Make You a Happier Human

We Don't Have To Rosé All Day To Have A Good Time

Happy Sunday!

And happy August 1st! Yippee! Summer is still alive and thriving. I’m hanging on to my tan as long as I can.

Today’s issue is brought to you by the INSPIRATION sparked by the birth of my bebe girl. To all of the new mommies taking care of newborns, SALUTE.

It’s possible to be high on life on days that aren’t life milestones — like getting married, having a baby, accepting a new job offer, moving to a new city, and finding a fabulous outfit at a consignment shop. It’s possible to be high on life simply because you understand how precious life is.

Because I’ve been on a baby high for the past week, it got me thinking…

If we looked at the big picture of life more often (aka the miracle of growing a human over getting pissed off that the strawberries at Whole Foods went up $2), wouldn’t we be happier?

Contrary to what you may believe, it isn’t hard to remind ourselves of what matters most in life every day. I have found the following practices to be IMMENSELY useful in reminding me why life is fabulous — hence, making me a happier (less bitchy) person to be around — and I’m going to share them with you so YOU TOO can be a happier, less bitchy you.

Here they are.

Sticking to a feel good ritual

There is something magical about doing things that make you feel grounded. When you put your personal twist on a daily routine (like wearing a goddess-y robe dress while you get ready), it makes that I’m-awesome-and-I-deserve-the-good-life feeling last allll day long.

Sometimes this is listening to my favorite podcast while I cook, and sometimes it’s caking on my lengthening mascara to make me feel extra pretty. It’s ALWAYS my morning cup of Nespresso with oat milk while I write and set my intentions for the day.

The point is to have things in your back pocket that you know will make you feel goooooood about yourself.

Praying for other people when I’m in pain

I did this with every contraction I was having during labor, and it took the edge off. When you focus on other people instead of yourself (or other issues in the world other than yours), a powerful mindset shift happens — you acknowledge your pain isn’t the only pain in the world, and you can better cope with the fact that it won’t last forever.

This also works for doing things you hate doing — like paying bills or bringing your comforter to the dry cleaner.

Thanking Goddess for things I am genuinely thankful for

Whoever or whatever you believe in, thanking him/her/it for things in your life is A SERIOUS GAME-CHANGER in improving your mood, calming you down when you want to snap, and reminding you that life is precious and short.

I’m doing this all day, every day, in between moments of parenting stress, creative blocks, and the laundry list of domesticity to-dos.

I thank Goddess for my son, my daughter, my sexy & funny husband. My parents. My sisters. My amazing friends. My poodle. My health. My ability to move my body. The healthy food in my kitchen. The colorful kimonos I bought on a whim from flea markets.


3 daily practices that will make you a happier human recap:

  • Sticking to a feel good ritual

  • Praying for other people when you’re in pain

  • Thanking Goddess for things you are genuinely thankful for

Cheers to not being pregnant anymore and having champagne again!!!

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