Being Sad Shows You What You Value

Are the quarantine blues the new baby blues?

Feeling sad sucks. Not knowing why you feel sad sucks even more.

I told my doctor last week I’ve been feeling sad lately, but I couldn’t pinpoint the source of feeling down. She said, “Depression is like a springboard. We suppress our feelings without realizing it, and it comes up unexpectedly. Coronavirus was the trigger for you.”

This isn’t a unique-to-me problem. Feelings of depression and anxiety have spiked significantly since the pandemic became a pandemic, and every article I read has a stat in it claiming women are more likely to be affected.

Why is that? Is it because women are naturally more nurturing than men? Is it because we are, as a collective, more emotional beings? Probably yes to both.

Being busy was a distraction from dealing with emotions we’ve suppressed for god knows how long. We, very clearly, value human connection. Whether it’s with our cube mates, the florist or the gym manager, it turns out that small talk did and does matter.

Yesterday, I was listening to the hilarious and fabulous mood-booster podcast, Girls Gotta Eat (thanks Maddy for the reco) in an interview episode with Awareness Coach Adela Raffa, when she said, “Emotions are like clouds in the sky. They will pass.” I found such comfort in that statement.

That said, the concept of “Being sad shows you what value” confirms what you love about your life, and aren’t willing to give up — quarantine or no quarantine.

For me, it couldn’t be clearer that my family members, friendships, dining out, personalized shopping experiences, exploring new neighborhoods/cities, and simply being with other humans (preferably at an outdoor patio with fun drinks and colorful dishes), are the things detrimental to my mental wellbeing. Pulled together, they are what makes me me.

If you’re feeling sad or anxious right now, think about the things in life that you value most, and find a way to incorporate them back into your days. Your quality of life will improve immediately.

Unrelated but related note: Because the weather is getting warmer, I thought I would give a roundup of warm weather outfits:

And! I have a burning question for you…

Do you like shirt dresses? Would it make your life easier to slip on a shirt dress (short or long!) every morning instead of trying to decide which top goes with which pair of pants?

This may be the premise of my clothing brand, which for now, I’m calling, “The Valt” — as a nod to “The vault of motherhood” as well as my last name, Alt. I like it.

Takeaway: If depression is the springboard for un-dealt with feelings, perhaps getting dressed (in a shirt dress!) is the springboard for mental success? Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous Wednesday. I will be making these Greek sushi rolls for dinner.

Be you.